Middle School

Middle School

Woodside’s Middle School

As a community we recognized the need for an adolescent program which would meet the unique psychosocial characteristics of the student of the third plane. We feel that the addition of the adolescent program to the school community creates a point of satisfaction and fulfillment in ushering our young adolescent students into high school in a healthy, self confident manner and well prepared. They are a vital, integrated part of the community; they are leaders for younger students and models for what a healthy adolescent can be.

The Middle School Program’s Statement of Purpose
The mission of the program is to provide opportunities for adolescents to be self-confident and gain self-knowledge, to belong to a community, to learn to be adaptable, to be academically competent and challenged, and to create a vision for their personal future; thus, to empower early adolescents.

"The object of education is an entity in the process of becoming a human being. Education should not focus on special functions, faculties, or skills, but on the whole personality.”
– Maria Montessori

The adolescent is:

  • An active, self-directed learner
  • A vital member of the class, school, city and global community
  • A vital member of the teacher-student-parent team
  • Responsible for keeping commitments, being honest, and respectful

The Teachers are:

  • Facilitators for learning
  • Consultants for the students
  • Creators of a positive climate for learning
  • Communicators
  • With parents and community
  • Role models

The school structure offers:

  • A learner-centered environment
  • A developmentally-responsive curriculum and teaching team with additional adults as resources
  • Parents-teachers-student partnerships
  • Multi-aged groupings of 12-15 year olds
  • Large blocks of uninterrupted learning time
  • Peer and cross-age teaching