Parent Activities

Dr. Maria Montessori said, “Education requires parents, teacher and child to work together in cooperation; a weakness in any of these decreased the efficiency of others while inhibiting the development of the child.”

Woodside Montessori Academy hosts several events annually that are designed to build and strengthen community spirit.

Back-to-School Night – Held in early September this multi-purpose event is a wonderful opportunity to be introduced to Woodside or catch-up. The Head of School delivers a welcome message, introduces the faculty, and presents a brief overview of the goals and programs for the school year. A presentation is then given by the Parent Guild on their efforts, development initiatives, committees, and volunteer opportunities. Volunteer opportunities are also discussed on this night!

Breakfast with the Head of School – A monthly, informal gathering with the Head of School to learn about a particular topic in child development, Montessori or education. Themes are announced each month.

Coffee Talk – Each September and January the Parent Guild organizes a get-together for parents to come together. The intention of this event is a fun way to meet other parents and share experiences at the start of the new semester.

Curriculum Night – A hands-on evening in the spring where teachers present lessons and materials on a particular curriculum area to parents and other guests.

 Maria Montessori said that, “Education requires parents, teacher, and child to work together in cooperation; a weakness in any one of these decreases the efficiency of the others while inhibiting the development of the child”.

Parent Lecture Series - Once a month, the Woodside community invites members of their community and their guests to Parent Education Lecture Series nights.  Lectures are presented by Woodside staff members as well as various outside experts of the Montessori educational philosophy.
We believe that these education nights strengthen the Montessori community and increase what we as an educational team can offer to your child.