Support the Parent Guild!

Support the Parent Guild!

Do you shop online?  Are you thinking about all the food you need to buy for your holiday celebrations?  Are you planning to purchase gift cards for your family, employees and co-workers?  Why not do that while benefiting Woodside Montessori Academy!

1.      Purchasing SCRIP cards is an easy way to get gift cards for either: items you normally purchase anyways every month (like groceries, gas, coffee, amazon, iTunes, clothing, etc.) OR items you might need to purchase for gifts.  WMAPG gets a percentage back from merchants – it doesn’t cost you anything extra. Many vendors increase their percentages for the month of December to take advantage of holiday shopping, such as CVS (7%), Bed Bath & Beyond (8%), L.L. Bean (18%), Starbucks (9%), Uno’s (14%) and Lowe’s (5%). There are many more!  Submit an order form  and check made out to WMAPG to the Woodside office by SECOND TUESDAY of the month, and you’ll receive your gift cards back the following week.

2.    Additionally, if you frequent for your holiday shopping, you can pay with SCIRPs and use too – just go to and select the Woodside Montessori Academy Parent Guild as your charity.  We receive a percentage back on qualified purchases you make – all year round.  A great, easy thing to share with family and friends who are near and far so they can support your child’s school, too!

If you have any questions, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Thank you from the Parent Guilds!



What is the Parent Guild?

Who can be in the Parent Guild?

When does the Guild meet?

What does the Guild do?

What is the Parent Guild Board?


What is the Parent Guild?

The Guild consists of all Woodside Montessori Academy parents, guardians, and grandparents. Our goals are to enrich children's experiences at Woodside Montessori Academy, and to foster a sense of community among all Woodside Montessori Academy participants; parents, teachers and students.

Purpose & Objectives

  • To foster effective communication between parents, teachers, and
  • To develop, organize and initiate
    family enrichment and social activities
    in order to promote a spirit of community, cooperation and fellowship
    between families, teachers and administration
  • To support through fundraising and development efforts, projects that will enhance and expand Woodside Montessori Academy’s educational objectives, while maintaining the school’s quest for quality and excellence.
  • To support and organize efforts in the development and maintenance of the school’s outdoor environment.


Who can be in the Parent Guild?
All parents, guardians and grandparents are members of the WMA Parent’s Guild by virtue of having a child attend the school. Participation in events and on committees is strictly voluntary however it is strongly recommended. Studies indicate that children who are successful in school have parents who are actively involved in their child's educational experience.


When does the Guild meet?
Guild meetings are typically held once a month during the school year, between September and May. Board meetings are held at Woodside Montessori Academy, at 7 pm, and generally last no more than one hour. ALL members of the WMA community are invited! Tentative meeting dates are included on the school calendar; parents will be notified of changes to the schedule via Woodside's website, the school newsletter and/or the white board outside the main door to the school.

Meetings will be held the second Tuesday of every month:

September 6th–Board Meeting

November 1st–General Meeting

December 6th–Board Meeting

January 10th–Board Meeting

February 7th–General Meeting

March 7th–Board Meeting

April 4th–General Meeting

May 2nd–Board Meeting

June 6th–Board Meeting      


What does the Guild do?

Guild members meet once a month at the school. The meetings are short
and informal, and a great way to learn about what’s happening at Woodside Montessori Academy. Come join us over cookies and decaf, and find out more.

Social Activities
Members of the Social Activities committee arrange outings, picnics, and other after school occasions at which Woodside Montessori Academy families can get together. Past activities have included ice-skating, bowling, and Spring picnics and guided walks at local nature sanctuaries.

The Caring Committee has two separate objectives: (i) to provide help to
Woodside Montessori Academy families in times of need, and (ii) to develop
a sense of social compassion among our students.

Within Woodside Montessori Academy, the committee maintains a list of parents willing to help out with dinners and other assistance during times of illness, loss, or other upheaval in a Woodside Montessori Academy family, and coordinates assistance for that family as needed. In addition, the caring committee also organizes support for worthwhile local charities or organizations; in the past year, a local family shelter has received toiletries, school supplies, and holiday baskets through the committee’s efforts.

The Materials Committee is the primary liaison between the teachers and
parents regarding resources that would enrich students’ learning experiences.

Ideally, a representative from each classroom will be on this committee; these representatives will also serve as room parents for the classroom. Committee members help with copying, laminating and making materials for the classrooms, research enrichment programs or field trips for elementary students, and provide specific support as requested by teachers. In addition, the committee seeks to maintain a list of hobbies, occupation, specific interests and abilities of Guild members that may be used to enhance classroom activities.


What is the Parent Guild Board?
The Woodside Montessori Academy Parent Guild Board provides leadership
to the Guild, enabling the organization to fulfill its established purposes. The board consists of the school’s Administrator, a staff representative, a President (or two co-presidents), a Vice-President and Chairpersons of the standing committees (which include the Parent Guild Secretary and Treasurer).

The Parent Guild Board is responsible for the management of the Guild and
will ensure the objectives and activities of the committees are implemented.


Your Parent Guild Board:

Andy Taylor          President

Ali Dempsey        Co-vice president

Ann Bautista        Co-vice president

Katherine Teehan     Secretary

Gillian Dalton      Treasurer

Kathleen Hasbarro  Head of School

  TBD                      Faculty rep.

You can contact the Parent Guild by emailing: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)